Trust us, we get it. Spier is beautiful. That’s one of the reasons we love working here. It also means lots of people want to photograph their special occasions at our historic wine farm.

Unfortunately, we do not allow professional photography on the farm unless you host an event with us. We’re sure you understand why; we want to provide all of our valued guests with an enjoyable experience free from interruptions. Please read below to find out when professional photography is and isn’t allowed at Spier.

Congratulations on your big day! If Spier is hosting the wedding or the bridal party is staying at Spier, you can arrange to have a photographer on-site.

Matric dances, koshuisdanse and any other dances
Book your function at Spier – such as dinner at Vadas, a group wine tasting or a picnic – and you’re welcome to arrange to have a professional photographer at the farm. If we’re not hosting the event, snap away to remember your day but please use your phone or personal camera.

Professional photoshoots
We do not allow professional photographers to use Spier as the venue for family (or any other) photoshoot. Amateur photography is permitted so snap away on your phones and personal cameras.

Nature/bird photography
Spier is a birder’s paradise with plenty of species making appearances on the farm. If you’re lucky you might see a Rock Kestrel or Spotted Eagle Owl during your picnic or stroll on the farm. You’re welcome to shoot wildlife using a professional-grade camera but please be respectful of other guests. Want to get closer for that perfect shot? Visit Eagle Encounters, our raptor rehabilitation centre, to see birds of prey both up close and in flight during scheduled shows.

If you’re still unsure about anything, please direct your request to